The Origin Story

Conceived originally as an idea to help people express themselves in a manner that would allow the human race to pre test constitutional ideas while not being constrained by the fear of legal complexity.


Conceptualized Website Designs

It was an early particularly yellow and orange morning.  The print out of the web template structure and source code waited with a pen the papers edge.  Three hours later, the first prototype coding was entered.


A False Start

URLs were purchased, server hosting set, and the creator was busily working away with the homeless and their legal needs.  The project sat waiting for the right time and cause that would inspire our actions.


A Pandemic, Riots, And The First Com' Spacel Flight

Attorney Walter Hnot, seizing upon the extra time afforded to him through COVID 19, took the reigns and built the website, and most importantly, asked the people what they wanted for their future.

Our team

Executive Administrators Of Space Constitution

Attorney Walter Hnot

C.E.O, Founder

Yet To Be Assigned

C.O.O, President

Yet To Be Assigned

Chief Financial Officer

Yet To Be Assigned

Chief Tech/Marketing Officer